Good app.! I’ve been searching for an app like this, but couldn’t find any. All images are nice from both color and texture perspective.
Nina G. Architect
I wish you provide samples from the real manufactures.  And why didn’t you include search option for samples?
Andrew F., Wichita, WI 
I like the app.. Image property values are quite approx.  but surely are good enough to compare the materials.  I build custom furniture as a hobby and making a few bucks aside too, so wood and stone categories are of big help for the table tops, etc.  As long as my customers are happy to see these, I am happy too.
Mark N, Ellensburg

User Manual PDF

What is SampleDeck?
SampleDeck is a convenient tool for you to select the color, finish, and fabric for your project. With SampleDeck, you select the surface image from the library and instantly use it in your work and communication with your colleagues, customers, or clients.


Why do you need SampleDeck?
A user-friendly interface and Retina Display® image-viewing quality make SampleDeck an exceptional app for anyone who is involved in any type of professional project that requires one to select a material type, surface finish or color.
The full version of SampleDeck contains a comprehensive library of sample surface images classified by the type of material: wood, metal, stone, textile, and color. All samples are complemented with information about the material such as color name, origin, available physical and chemical characteristics, and other valuable data.

App features:
  • More than 1500 sample surface images ready-to-use from Sample Collection
  • Convenient color picker with 16 mln colors + color scheme converter
  • Project-based work flow structure
  • Sample sorting and filtering options
  • Ability to share work with clients and colleagues via e-mail
  • Detailed information about sample material properties and characteristics
  • All sample surface images are accessible off-line. Online access is only needed for application sync and work sharing
  • Ability to access from multiple devices
Who can use SampleDeck?
Whether you are making a new chair, choosing colors or materials for a wedding, designing and constructing a beach house, or doing a complete exterior renovation – SampleDeck is your app. SampleDeck, while simple in use, can assist in projects of any size and complexity. The following is a brief list of professionals that will find the SampleDeck invaluable in their work:
  • Architects
  • Interior and exterior designers
  • Decorators
  • Home, office and hospitability builders and contractors of any type
  • Specialists involved in the production, marketing, and sale of furniture, textiles, or lighting products
  • Manufacturers and wholesalers of construction materials
  • Scrapbookers
  • Architecture, Design and Web-design students and instructors
  • Retailers and showroom operators
  • Design and fashion industry specialists
  • Etc, etc, etc.